Tobias Röding

Computer & Research Scientist

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About me

I started my professional career 2014 as a Software Engineer in one of the largest airports in Europe the Frankfurt Airport. There I created a highly complex notification system that had the capabilities to scale across more than 3000 devices. In 2018 I successfully completed my M.Sc. Computer Science in the Ubiquitous Knowledge Processing (UKP) Lab at Technical University Darmstadt under the supervision of Maxime Peyard, Markus Zopf and Prof. Dr. Iryna Gurevych. Since then I've been working for Amazon in Berlin starting by improving the German models but quickly moving to cross language initiatives. Currently I am working on automating i18n and scaling Alexa to more languages than ever.

Current focus:
• Natural Language Processing as well as Natural Language Understanding
• Python programming
• Deep Learning & Machine Learning
• Keras, TensorFlow, Gluon
• Using AWS services for production workflows

What I Offer


What I Offer


Proficient programming skills in Python, Java and JavaScript enable me to solve every problem

Simplify & Automate

With my abilities to understand problems quickly on a deep level I am able to simplify and automate processes quickly

Learning everday

I am learning something new everyday as I believe investments in yourself have the biggest returns

Not giving up

Years of programming and machine learning have tought me to not give up when faced with issues

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